Goodies from the US

Goodies from the US

This post has no real purpose but to show off how awesome Mark is and to spazz about food.  He surprised me (okay, he didn’t really, I asked for most of these things.  He did throw in some granola and the letters which were a surprise!) with a package and some special letters.  On a side note, those letters were extremely sweet and made me teary eyed.  I love how thoughtful and caring Mark is and I was totally surprised by what he sent me.  I won’t share the letters, because those are special things for only me to see.

Back to the package: these are some items here that I either can’t find here (cinnamon) or they are waaaayyy too expensive (the honey here is 1/4 of that bottle and costs about $6, same with the peanut butter).  I’m so excited to be able to eat toast with peanut butter!  And oatmeal with cinnamon, or cinnamon pancakes, or yogurt and granola!  There are many possibilities with these ingredients.  I’m actually about to make glazed sweet potatoes with the honey, that’s how excited I am.  I really want to go to the store, so I can buy bread and have the peanut butter.  I could also just stick a spoon into the peanut butter and eat it that way (please tell me other people have done this and I’m not just gross and weird…).

Even though this may not seem like a lot, it feels like a little bit of home has been shipped to my apartment here in Japan.  If I could, I would ask for Mexican food or In-n-Out, but unfortunately, you can’t send those through the mail…  Either way, I’m so happy that I have an awesome boyfriend like Mark who went out and got me these things!  Happy breakfast for a while!  (My excitement is through the roof if you couldn’t tell).

If you’re an expat, what are some goodies that you’re missing?  If you’re not, what are things you can see yourself missing?


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  1. Alex Fahey

    I am lucky enough to have received three care packages in the last week or so! It makes me so happy. Luckily, we have been able to find most of the stuff we need to feel at home, and since we came from Hawaii everything seems really cheap here. I’m so happy that you got a little piece of home this week.

    • Mallory

      That’s so awesome! Apparently there’s a foreign goods store around here somewhere, but it isn’t the same as getting a loving package from people at home. Plus, I’m sure that the food at the store is waaayyyy expensive.

  2. Amy @ the tide that left

    I get the strangest of cravings for things from home. Usually things I wouldn’t normally buy in the UK, but need to have NOW. Thankfully we can now get pretty much everything we want here in SA so those cravings are less, but a food British Sunday Roast and a nice pint of West Country cider will always be the first things I grab when I get home!

    • Mallory

      That’s great you can find things in South Africa! It can be a little difficult here, but I know there’s a foreign goods store around here somewhere that I need to check out. I’m really craving some of my mom’s dishes and her homemade cookies. Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies don’t seem to be a thing here. I would make it, but Japan believes in microwave ovens…

  3. Ashley

    I remember buying all-natural peanut butter from the orgaic store at the train station for ¥1000 a few times. Also may have spent over ¥1500 on olives and cheese on special occasions. You hit a point where you start to tell yourself it’s not that expensive I recommend splurging once a month or so on food from home you want. It’s worth your happiness and sanity, which you’ll need in the wintertime :)

    • Mallory

      I definitely need to make a stop at the foreign goods store and stock up for the winter! I keep telling myself that I need to visit, so hopefully my friend can take me there sometime soon. I need to tell myself not to go crazy there haha! There are so many things I’ve been craving lately. I wonder if they have cream cheese…

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