A Shopping Spree in Osaka


Last weekend, I went on my second trip to Osaka with the intention of buying winter clothes, with a few other fun activities in the midst.  Well… I did go shopping, but I ended up buying other expensive things that don’t relate to winter.  Adding up my expenses from the weekend was so painful, especially when I realized I didn’t even buy many clothes to keep me warm.  That will be kind of a problem when it gets colder…  I found that this trip was really expensive and a lot of spending could have been cut out, especially since I was disappointed with some of the attractions we visited.

Fugetsu Okonomiyaki
Fugetsu Okonomiyaki

A highlight of this trip was eating one of my friend and my favorite foods, okonomiyaki.  This time we ate at Fugetsu in the America-mura area of Osaka.  Each okonomiyaki restaurant that I’ve been to was different in the way they prepare the pancake and also the way they cook it.  At this restaurant, the base of the pancake is made of egg and cabbage.  Yes it sounds really weird, but it’s soooo tasty.  I think this is my favorite preparation, versus the the okonomiyaki made with batter.  My friend and I were confused if we were supposed to cook it ourselves (since you can at some restaurants) or if the waiter would cook it.  It turns out that the waiter cooks the entire pancake starting from mixing the ingredients to putting on the sauce.  We found out the hard way after I tried flipping the okonomiyaki and my friend tried cutting it.

Osaka Aquarium

Our next stop was the Port of Osaka to meet up with some of my friend’s friends.  We were here to visit the aquarium.  We also bought combined tickets to take a tour of the port on a boat replicating the Santa Maria, the ship Columbus sailed to America on.

Port of Osaka

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by both.  It was a foggy day, so we weren’t able to see many things, plus the port wasn’t the most picturesque area of Osaka.  About a quarter of the way through the ride, we all lost interest in the boat ride and were looking forward to going to the aquarium.

Port of Osaka

I was excited to go to the aquarium.  I love aquariums.  I think it’s such a cute date spot, so I’m hoping to go back to Nagoya Aquarium with Mark.  I enjoyed the Nagoya Aquarium much more than this one, because of the layout of the aquarium and it wasn’t as crowded.

Admission to the aquarium is ¥2300, which is expensive in itself, so I was looking to get my money’s worth and be able to take in each exhibit.  Boy, was I totally wrong.  The place was PACKED.  There were hordes of people in front of each window trying to get a glimpse of the animals.  We literally walked through the entire aquarium, engaged in our own conversations, without stopping to look at anything.  I barely remember what types of exhibits they have… These were the only two pictures I could get in one of Japan’s largest aquariums.  Poor crabs… no one wanted to look at them.

Osaka Aquarium

Osaka Aquarium

I was disheartened by the amount of money that we spent on these two attractions, but I couldn’t do anything about it, at least I can say we visited the places.

The rest of our trip was spent eating and doing more shopping.  It wasn’t the most exciting of trips, but at least I was able to have a little getaway for the weekend, buy a few new winter clothes, and eat okonomiyaki and curry udon!  There are bound to be trips that could have been better/disappointing, but I think it’s best to try to make the most out of your getaway and look for the things you did have fun doing!  For me, it was buying new clothes!

Curry Udon


  1. Rika - Cubicle Throwdown

    Awwww…what a bummer you didn’t enjoy it! I loved the Kaiyukan, and maybe it was the time of day we went (late) or the weather (nasty and raining), but it wasn’t busy at all. I have a pic of those crabs too, glad to see they are still kickin it. They are sooooo big! Did you go to the part where you get to touch the stingrays? My friends had to drag me out of it :)

    • Mallory

      Really? I would probably like it so much better if there weren’t that many people there. It’s tough to see when adults are crowding the windows. I know! Those crabs are HUGE. I didn’t even know crabs got that big until I saw them here. We did get to the stingray part! My friend’s friends touched the stingrays as I went to look at the penguins haha!

  2. Aryn (Driftwood & Daydreams)

    Sorry it didn’t work out for you! Still, I think just spending a day in Japan shopping in eating would be fun! My Japanese teacher made okonomiyaki for us and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve tried to recreate it but it’s just not the same!

    • Mallory

      It’s okay! Yes, shopping and eating was fun in itself, especially when it involves okonomiyaki. I was thinking about trying to make it at home, but I don’t want to mess it up.

      • Mallory

        We’re staying at Hostel Haruya Kyoto in the Gion District. The other place I have stayed at was Jam Hostel which is in Gion too. I love the Gion District, so I tried looking for rooms in that area, but it was difficult for the dates I put in. Do you have a site that you usually look up rooms on?

    • Mallory

      Same! I think probably a week day during the winter? I went on a three day weekend, so there were probably a lot of families there too trying to enjoy their long weekend.

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