Big Surprise! I’m heading to Japan!


So Mallory and I have been hinting about this from our previous post, but we haven’t really said anything, but… I’M MOVING TO JAPAN AT THE BEGINNING OF APRIL! I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I wasn’t going to get in, I didn’t want to jinx my chances. But it all started when I applied to Interac. Mallory’s friend recommended me into it (I want to thank her also). So I applied thinking I wasn’t going to get in, especially after weeks without a reply. Randomly my house phone rang, and my grandma picked up and she said “Mark its for you!” I was thinking who would be calling me at this time, I never get phone calls…haha…(I’m a loser) But I got the call and the person asked me whether I was interested in Interac. I said “YES OF COURSE” and then the person later told me that there will be a phone and in-person interview. I did both and I felt really good about it. Then when I went to the in-person interview I performed a demonstration and I think I did really well :)…Again I didn’t want to tell myself I got it because I don’t want to jinx it. A few weeks have gone by and at 11:17 pm, I got an email telling me “Congratulations on being selected to be an Assistant Language Teacher.” Right there and then I was the happiest person in the world. Not because I have a job, but because I could be with Mallory. The placement won’t be disclosed until mid January though. Now, all those times we Skyped and expressed how sad we were because of the uncertainty of the future can now be gone, because now the future looks really bright, I can’t wait to travel around the world, be lazy and cuddle, and just be around each other like old times. So I would like to thank Interac, my friends and family, the people following this blog giving Mallory and I moral support, and lastly Mallory who has given me hope every time I felt down. I’m going to miss California, but I can’t wait to start our next journey in life. My advice, LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP CAN WORK, it’s about the effort and commitment you put into it.



  1. Amy @ the tide that left

    This is so exciting. I’ve commented before that LDRs are hardest when it feels like there is no end in sight. Now you have your end goal and come April you’ll be back together. April will be my 4 year anniversary of leaving behind the UK for an international life – so it’s a good month for new beginnings. Congratulations you guys!

    • Mark

      Yea ive been waiting for many months to be able to see her again…and again ldrs can work! hope your international life is good too :)

  2. Mallory

    Thanks everyone for your super sweet comments :) we’re really excited to be able to be together and to start a whole new set of adventures with each other!

  3. Happyeverafter_Bride

    So exciting for you guys! I know how it must feel. So close now, yet so many things to get through before it really is. Congrats tho on getting the job and being allowed the opportunity. Cherish each other and hope you get a placement that’s convenient to you both!

  4. Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks

    Congrats Mark!! I am so excited for you and Mallory!! ;D i literally shrieked when i read this post!!! ^______^ and i totally agree with you Long Distance Relationships do work!! My (now) husband and i were long distance for almost two years and we made it! :)) I can’t wait to read all about your adventures in Japan next year!

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