What I Ate in Seoul

I hope you’re not reading this while you’re hungry or late at night, because just posting all these pictures made me crave this food again.  This is almost everything I ate during my Seoul trip and let me tell you, I was in food heaven.  This was probably the best part about my trip to Seoul.  Korean food is one of my favorite cuisines and I was super super excited to finally be able to eat some again (and not to mention, I finally got to eat spicy food!).

Bulgogi – This was hands down the best meal I had during my trip.  I was in food heaven.  The beef was so fresh and tasty and the broth, that was boiling in that bowl, made it even more delicious.  If I could eat this everyday, I would.  Bulgogi

More Bulgogi
Galbi – More delicious meat!  I’m not a big fan of thickly sliced meat, but I must say, this meat was on point.  It was so tender and juicy.  I would eat steak more often if it tasted like this all the time.Galbi
Samgyetang – This was our most expensive meal during the trip at ₩25000 ($24 USD – I’m sure we could have found a cheaper restaurant though).  The main ingredients in samgyetang are ginseng and a young chicken, boiled together to make this healthy soup.  This was my first time eating black chicken!  Samgyetang

Hotteok – Street food at its best.  I love love love hotteok.  It’s fried dough with a sugary, nutty filling.  I would eat like ten of these if I could.  Hotteok

Pork Ribs – I didn’t actually eat this, but here’s more BBQ for you!

Soondubu – This is my number one favorite Korean dish.  This spicy, soupy, tofu-y goodness is so delicious and warming, especially on a cold winter night.  This was the first meal we ate and it was such a great first meal.  The restaurant, in Myeongdong, makes its own tofu, which was a plus.  I love when restaurants make their own ingredients, because you can taste the freshness.  I had soondubu three times while in Seoul and I wish I ate it more.  I need to find a place here that serves soondubu….
Sweet Potato Latte – Did I ever tell you that I love sweet potatoes?  Well I do.  I wasn’t a big fan of the ones in the states, but Asian sweet potatoes are the best.  This is basically a sweet potato in liquid form. 
Sweet Potato Latte
Boba – And of course, I had to stop for boba.  There were so many shops and I haven’t had it since my first Osaka trip.  I was having withdrawals.  Boba



    • Mallory

      Eating everything was the best thing ever and I still didn’t get to eat everything I wanted to! I will probably make a trip back there in the near future since it isn’t that expensive to travel there. My friend was determined to eat at that samgyetang restaurant since it was listed in a guide book… My friend and her guide book haha

  1. Crystal Turpin

    You made me super hungry…AGAIN. I’m glad we got to share a meal, even if you weren’t down with the pork. ;) I’m going to be showing how to make soondubu soon so keep your eyes wide open, lady!

    • Mallory

      I want to go back and eat everything ah! I’m forcing Mark to go with me in October. Actually it’s not forcing since he wants to go too haha! I’m literally going just to eat. Yes! I can’t wait to see your recipe! I’ve been wanting to make soondubu at home for forever and now I get to do it!

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