Our International Reunion

Japan reunion

Mark and I have been in a long distance relationship since the end of July, when I left for Japan.  On January 1st, I got to bring in the New Year by reuniting with him!  It was seriously the best way to start the new year.  I’ve been waiting for a dramatic airport reunion for a long time now.  You know the one where we run across the airport into each others’ arms, crying tears of joy?  Okay, that didn’t happen, but it was good enough.  I was standing at the domestic arrivals exit at Central International Airport, teary-eyed, my heart pounding.  Mark ended up being one of the last people from his flight to leave the baggage terminal.  Slow poke.  He finally walked through the doors and I finally got to see him.  Mark was actually here, in Japan.  HERE IN JAPAN.  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  We were actually hugging each other and talking to each other rather than separated by a computer screen and the Pacific Ocean.

Japan reunion

This is Mark’s first trip abroad (well if we want to get technical, it’s not, but I’ll leave that to Mark to explain during his Japan posts).  He was beyond excited to be able to leave California and venture out into foreign lands, literally.  Before he left, he was so excited and nervous about coming here.  Between talking about how his plane was going to crash and how he wanted to eat everything, we were just super excited to see each other again.


Being able to guide Mark around my area in Japan has made me so happy, especially seeing how much fun he is having.  It’s so funny and cute to see Mark trying to speak Japanese to everyone.  It’s weird that I’ve become the one who has to do the talking and I’m not even that much better at speaking Japanese.  Since he got here, we’ve pretty much eaten everything in my city in the past week.  I’m still feeling the bloaty affects of his food spree.  It’s not over yet.  We’re going to Kyoto this weekend, where in between the walking and the sightseeing, we’ll be trying every delicious thing we can stuff ourselves with (so excited for okonomiyaki and this hipster tofu restaurant!).


The first thing Mark ate was ramen.  Can we just mention how much we love ramen?  WE LOVE RAMEN!  If we could eat it everyday, we would.  We came pretty close as we ate ramen for lunch for the next three days.  Am I complaining?  Never!  It was so delicious!  Okay, I’m complaining a little now that I’m basically a blob of bloaty.  I think Mark had an even better time, finally having the chance to eat ramen from Japan.  Look at this happy boy:


Besides eating, we had a failed adventure to see Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya.  Even though it was January 3rd, there were sooooooo many people there to pray for the New Year.  I knew that everyone goes to pray at a shrine, but it didn’t occur to me that the whole world would still be there two days after.  We didn’t want to fight the crowds so we ate some street food and went to visit the Nagoya Port Aquarium instead.  This was Mark’s first time seeing animals other than fish, and boy, he was excited.

Nagoya Aquarium

After five months of not physically being with each other, I feel like our relationship has grown stronger through the trials we’ve had to face while being apart.  With our goals as individuals and as a couple in mind, we cheered each other on as we made it through the distance.  I think we’re more refreshed as a couple and our spark has been ignited again.  I love that I can have fun with him even when we’re just lounging around at home.  I’m so excited for when Mark moves here in April, because of all the fun and wonderful adventures we’ll have together.  This is only the beginning of our travel adventures.



  1. Zia @ Bits of Days

    Ahhh I’m sure it’s going to be joyful days ahead for you guys! My boyfriend and I are the same (kind of). We have to be a apart at least 3 months of the year because even though we study at the same university we’re from different countries. So happy to see guys together now!

    • Mallory

      It’s tough when you have to be apart from your loved one, especially when you’re in separate countries! It was already tough for me to be separated in the same state, but after moving to Japan and Mark being in California, that was a whole different thing to deal with. I wish you the best for you and your boyfriend too! :)

  2. Haley Phillips

    OH GOODNESS YES!!! This makes me so happy!! So happy that you guys get to see each other in person now!! Can’t imagine being apart for that long. My boyfriend and I have spent a month apart and see each other tomorrow. I would hate being separated since July :(


    • Mallory

      Thank you so much :) It’s tough to be separated, no matter how long it is. Even a few weeks during our winter vacation was tough, but I had to learn how to cope with the distance once I moved to Japan. Have a fun time with your boyfriend tomorrow! I’m happy that you get to see him!

    • Mallory

      Thank you so much! I can’t believe that we’re finally going to be in the same country. It was hard knowing whether or not it would happen, but now that the countdown is near, it’s surreal! :)

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