What We Ate in Kansai

Pork Katsu Curry
Street Food
Curry Udon
Chicken Katsu Curry
Shabu Shabu
Did I ever mention how much I love curry and ramen?  Well, they’re pretty much among the greatest foods ever and what Mark and I ate for most of our time together.  This wasn’t all from the Kansai region, but naming this “What We Ate in Kyoto + Nagoya + Wherever Else” seemed a little long.  When Mark was here for vacation, eating was a very popular activity we did.  I think we’re going to become that kind of travel couple; the one who tries to eat all the amazing things first then go out and explore.  This wasn’t nearly half the things we ate, but you can definitely see what kind of food we love.  Some of my favorite food that isn’t pictured here is Nepalese curry with cheese naan and yakiniku.  I need to stop talking about this, because I’m going to crave it… Ah!

Enjoy eating with your eyes!

What are some of your favorite Japanese food?



  1. Raine and Skye

    YUM. I believe I just had dinner but you made me hungry all over again. It’s weird that I have never tried Japanese curry before. Is it weird to ask what it tastes like? Is it even spicy at all? haha

    • Mallory || Sweet Smores

      That was kind of my plan all along, just kidding! (Not really haha!). I don’t think it’s weird! I find that it’s hard to find Japanese curry in the states. I didn’t try it for the first time until last year. It has a different kind of spice. It’s hard to describe… I find Japanese curry to be sweeter than Indian curry, but it’s not milky like Thai curry.

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