Wandering Around Nagoya

Atsuta Shrine

Our day trip to Nagoya started off a little rocky due to poor planning, but in the end, we were more happy about being with each other than not being able to see everything we had planned to see.  We wanted to wake up early, which is impossible to do when we’re together, because we love sleeping in.  So, our day started off in the late morning.  Our first stop was at Atsuta Shrine and right away, Mark was super excited about being in Japan.  From the trains to the street food, he was ready to dive into everything.

Atsuta Shrine
Atsuta Shrine
Atsuta Shrine

He was able to cross off eating takoyaki off his Japan bucket list.  Mark needs to try the takoyaki in Osaka though before he can officially cross it off his list.  We headed to the shrine where we were greeted with the longest, most crowded line I’ve ever seen.

Atsuta Shrine
Astuta Shrine
I’m not sure why I thought this, but I thought that people visited shrines to pray for the New Year only on January 1st.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that five days later, people will still be going to pray.  Hence, the super long, crowded line.  (We would also find out, at Fushimi-Inari shrine, that three weeks after the new year, shrines are still super crowded).  We decided to ditch seeing the shrine and eating Nagoya’s specialty udon  (nooooo!!!) and head to the aquarium.  I’m sure we’ll make it back there sometime in the near future.  We did get to see this weird looking tree, root, art thing:

Atsuta Shrine

Mark was like a little kid at the aquarium.  He was so amazed and excited to see all the fish and mammals they had there.  This was his second time to visit an aquarium and I’m so happy that he enjoyed it.

Nagoya Aquarium

After the aquarium, we decided to walk around the Sakae area and find a place to eat.  I love Sakae.  I love the atmosphere; it’s lively, but not too crowded, and not to mention a ton of shopping!

Nagoya Tower
We wandered around until we found a curry restaurant and it was super delicious!


This was only the beginning of our new year travels together and the beginning of our food adventure spree.  Looking back on these pictures makes me so happy to relive the memories I made with Mark and makes me so excited to be able to make more memories once he moves here.  Stay tuned for more of our winter break travels!



  1. Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    This looks like so much fun! Sometimes the best days are the ones that don’t work out according to plan :) Also, that giant tree root thing looks like a giant sculpture made out of ginger haha! Too cool. Glad you guys are doing well!

    • Mallory || Sweet Smores

      Right? We still have a ton of fun even if our plans don’t go according to plan. The first time it happened though, we were so angry at I don’t even know what, but I think that was just a learning experience. Now that you mention it, that tree thing really does look like ginger haha!

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