Happy Valentines! + Food Adventures in Japan

Happy Valentines day fellow bloggers! Soooo it is Valentines…a day of romance, love, roses, maybe even poetry. But it is also an excuse to go all out on food! CHOCOLATES, DESSERTS, FILET MIGNON! Now this is the perfect segway for me to talk about my FOODSY experience in Japan. This New Years, I was able to go to Japan to visit Mallory. Seeing her after the longest time took me back to the college days were we can be with each other, but at the same time be partners in crime when it came to being the biggest FOODSY (FOODYS: a term given to someone who likes to eat everything in site). So when we saw each other, we knew that it was time to celebrate with FOOD!

Before I came to Japan, I made a personal check list of what I was going to eat. One I wanted to eat ramen (probably the thing to have), next I have to have curry, then SUSHI, and lastly, something new, probably what Mallory liked there. So in my pictures, here are some of the most exciting things I have had, I will give a detailed explanation of how it tasted in my mouth.

Let us begin.


My very first ramen experience in Japan was amazing. The broth tasted sooo clean, light, and tasty. The noodles were delicious and warm, while the pork was a good size for me to get full but not bloated. AMAZING

Yaki Niku

Holy Garbanzo Beans. I haven’t really heard of this till Mallory one day craved it. It was definitely an experience, sitting around a charcoal bbq pit roasting very fresh bbq was amazing. Each bite of the beef was nice, soft, tender, and tasty. Could have had some rice though (I have rice with everything).

Green tea

Green Tea Ice Cream! This was a nice way to cleanse the pallet. I had this after our Yakiniku experiment, and it was indescribable. Digging into the green tea and seeing how textured it was made it an amazing experience.

Plate of Sushi


And the most surprising experience was the CHEESE NAN Mallory showed me. I only hear about it in her stories and how she keeps giving me weird looks every time she talks to me. We went, and of course I made the same weird face she did. It was that good. Imagine, having NAN with CHEESE. MIND BLOWN

Adventure is out there!



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