Sakura + Mark’s New Home


As spring break is winding down and the new school year is starting, the cherry blossoms are also starting to fall.  I was so happy that I was able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and spend the last few days of break with Mark in his new home, Numazu.  He was slowly getting used to his new city, as he had only lived there for a week before I got there.  I love his city and I’m excited to be able to make more trips there.  It’s definitely a different feeling from my countryside town.

Numazu     Numazu

You can see the top of Mt. Fuji from the city.  Mt.  Fuji is blocked by another mountain, though it looks like one mountain from the pictures.  Mark said that the mountain in front of Mt. Fuji will save their lives if Mt. Fuji would ever erupt.  Nonetheless, seeing the top of Mt. Fuji often (depending on weather) is a great site!

Numazu  Numazu

We spent the weekend cherry blossom viewing, hiking, and eating.  I was finally able to enjoy the cherry blossoms and I can see all the hype about them.  It’s absolutely beautiful seeing all the pink flowers everywhere.  I wish it could stay spring for forever!



  1. Anna

    That’s great that you get to see Mt Fuji, even if it is just the top! It’s more than I have ever seen. I allways forget to look out the window as the shinkansen goes past.

  2. Raine and Skye

    Great photos! Those cherry blossoms are amazing. They can be found here in Vancouver too – so pretty!
    Haha I thought it was one mountain then I read the caption below.

    • Mallory || Sweet Smores

      We’re both extremely happy that we get to see each other more often now and can at least talk to each other on the phone at normal hours. I can’t wait until we can do so much more traveling together!

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