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A Little Break

Sweet Smores is going to take a little break for the time being.  A few weeks ago, my laptop broke and I’m unable to update with photos (which I love doing), so I’ve decided to go on a hiatus.  You can follow my travels or contact me through Twitter or follow me on Pinterest!  Thanks for understanding!

City and Colour – The Golden State

Today’s Tune in Tuesday, I picked a song by City and Colour from their latest album called The Hurry and the Harm. The song is called “The Golden State” and although I haven’t fully understood the song, I interpreted as a nostalgic sense of feeling someone has towards their city. In this song particularly California. Especially since now, I just want to teach abroad, this song made me miss my hometown. It’s a beautiful song, it made me think of the amazing landmarks we have, our small neighborhoods, the secret spots you use to hang out with your friends. The song also conveyed that at some point maybe you’ll part ways, and by doing so you’ll miss it, but coming back to it is that much more meaningful. I hope you enjoy.



It’s been a year since I’ve been back from Korea and one of the things I miss eating is jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles).  While studying in Seoul, I ordered (or at least I had the front desk ahjusshi help me) jjajangmyeon a couple times when I got hungry at night.  One of the beautiful things is that they deliver so you don’t have to go anywhere.  This is a dish that many Koreans eat, a dish that you see in dramas and variety shows all the time.  It’s comforting and delicious and since I left, I haven’t been able to find a place that serves jjajangmyeon.  I found a recipe and decided to try it out via Maangchi.

The recipe is simple and I learned my lesson, again.  I always tend not to follow the recipe and add too much of an ingredient because I think it’s not doing what it’s supposed to be doing.  This is what happened with the potato starch.  The starch is used to make the sauce thicker, but I kept adding more and more starch because the sauce didn’t seem to be thickening (also I was using a teaspoon and I wasn’t sure if it was a 1/2 or 1 tsp…).  Later I realized, when the sauce is sitting while the noodles are cooking, this is when the sauce thickens.  In the end, my sauce ended up very potatoey and starchy.  I learned my lesson so next time, hopefully it’ll be closer to how it’s supposed to taste!