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Bread Bowls and Disappointment

Simba says ‘hi!’

Okay, the title of this post is a little too harsh.  I think I was just a little mad and sad that the Pacific Wharf Cafe at California Adventure got rid of one of my favorite foods at the park, corn chowder.  If I look at it a different way, who would get any other soup besides the famous clam chowder?  Weeeelllll… me.  I’m not a seafood person so I always turned to the super hearty and delicious corn chowder.  I was totally craving it too before we go to California Adventure.  I’m going to miss the orangey, corn-ness, spice of that soup (I’m overly sappy about soup…).

I got the broccoli and cheese bread bowl instead, which is delicious!  Crunchy crust, delicious sourdough bread, with soupy, creamy, cheesy goodness.  That will probably be my go to soup now.

Pictures from the day:

Oh and Luigi’s Flying Tires is a super fun ride.  I had a lot more fun than I thought I would.  What do you think about Cars Land?  Radiator Springs is my new favorite ride, but every time we go there the wait is always two hours long.  WAAAYYY too long and painful to wait through.