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City and Colour – The Golden State

Today’s Tune in Tuesday, I picked a song by City and Colour from their latest album called The Hurry and the Harm. The song is called “The Golden State” and although I haven’t fully understood the song, I interpreted as a nostalgic sense of feeling someone has towards their city. In this song particularly California. Especially since now, I just want to teach abroad, this song made me miss my hometown. It’s a beautiful song, it made me think of the amazing landmarks we have, our small neighborhoods, the secret spots you use to hang out with your friends. The song also conveyed that at some point maybe you’ll part ways, and by doing so you’ll miss it, but coming back to it is that much more meaningful. I hope you enjoy.


The Girl – City and Colour

Today’s Tune in Tuesday is gonna be a little more emotional for me. This is Mallory and my last weekend together before she goes to Japan. I know how important this song is to her because this was the first song I shared with her that said that I love you. The song is saying that no matter where you are or what adventures you are in, that person who loves you will be there. This week we both got teary eyed because this song came on. It’s hard, saying goodbye but that’s not what we are doing. It’s more of a “hello! I can’t wait for more adventures with you.” It really is the beginning. Right now, I’m doing whatever I can to go to Japan. I have been applying to jobs everywhere, and one way or another I’ll always find my way to her. You might be saying to yourself that what I am saying isn’t relevant to the song, but it is, the song is saying as long as you have the will, and know deep in your heart that you care about that person, you will be together.


Sensible Heart – City and Colour

In today’s Tune in Tuesday I am posting an old song that I used to listen to a lot. I revisited this song because my roommate and I wanted to learn a new song on the guitar. After hours and hours of thinking of what song to learn, this song came up in my head. The reason for it was it had a really nice melody as well as a deep lyrical meaning. Although I can’t really sing, it’s nice to sing something that is as meaningful as this song. However you take it, this song might be sad or inspirational, but after I listened to it for the first time, that day the minute you are living in had more meaning. So please enjoy!