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Disneyland – We Will See You Soon

After weeks of delay, we are finally here at Disneyland (Unfortunately, last week we tried to go, however my pass was blocked off). Well this time, it is a day of celebrating. It is Mallory and my 1.5 year anniversary! This was also maybe Mallory’s last time of coming to Disneyland because of something in the near future hehe. Foreshadow, I am so proud of her. Anyhoots, we began the day at California Adventure. The first thing we rushed to was the place where we usually get our bread bowls… oh how we were craving these immaculate creations of sourdough and chowder (for Mallory she got broccoli and cheddar hehe).

The chowder was pretty much oozing out, just waiting for it to go into my mouth :)

The chowder was pretty much oozing out, just waiting for it to go into my mouth :)

After our stomachs were full, we went to a few rides to burn those calories off. We headed to Toy Story to get our shooting on! Obviously, we all knew I was going to win. I mean come on, all those video games I play, it was going to pay off. Once we waited 40 minutes in line, we were on our way! I was totally gonna win haha…but after the ride ended, the result came in, and alas I was defeated once again sigh.

Mallory one again :) She is the best I have to admit

Mallory won again :) She is the best I have to admit

After Toy Story Mania, we went on Goofy’s Sky School, and that was amazing! I’m pretty sure I screamed in such a high pitch that the kids in front of us turned to check if I was fine.  Was it my fault that the quick turns and waving deeps were exhilarating. However, Mallory and I were getting pretty sleepy, so we decided to go to GRIZZLY RAPIDS! We were super soaked, and it was funny because whenever Mallory tried to wrap her hands around me, she keeps forgetting that my Tshirt was drenched. That was when we knew that it was time to go to DISNEYLAND!

Disneyland was once again made me feel as if I was a little boy. But being with Mallory it felt as if we were two little kids in love. All the little shops, the churros stands, and the people taking pictures with Mickey and Goofy equals true happiness. We knew that the park was closing early, so we just went straight to it, and went to Indiana Jones. While we were in line, we were playing Candy Crush  (this awesome game on the phone) and all of a sudden we were realized that we were already there. We were so lucky because we were able to seat in the front, and you know how you go into 3 different tunnels before the ride began. We finally went into the one Mallory has never been in. (P.S I was driving) After the ride, we went to get Dole Whip. All I have to say is OMG!

Dole Whip

The fruity sensation was a great balance to the bread bowl we had earlier

We ended a productive day in Disneyland with Mr.Toads Wild Ride. Also known as Mr.Toad-Goes-to-Hell-and-excuse-me-is-this-ride-for-little-kids? We rode the tram back and to end the day. We went to Pho 54 a great Vietnamese restaurant. Just to let you guys know that we were so hungry that we didn’t have time to take a picture of the food, so here is Mallory’s finished bowl of Pho hehe. I love this girl.


Jolly Holiday Bakery

A couple weeks a go, Mark and I went to Disneyland (no surprise there. I’m so sad I couldn’t go to Dapper Day!).  Actually part of the reason why I needed (yes, needed) to go was for a field observation.  I wrote a whole paper about Disneyland, which made writing it more tolerable.

We stopped by the Jolly Holiday Bakery for the first time.  I had the Jolly Holiday combo and Mark had the oven roasted turkey sandwich.  I really liked the tomatoey and the cheesey-ness together.  I dunno!  It’s so comforting and it was really filling.  Mark didn’t like his sandwich as much.  He said it was too dry and that he was expecting it to be warm.

I also got a scone which lasted us the whole day.  It looked so pretty, so I had to get it.  This place has soooo many different baked goods and I want to try them all.  Yes, I have a pretty big sweet tooth.  I will go back (to get some cinnamon rolls.  I haven’t had one in such a long time!).

That lemonade is from Cars Land, but I decided to stick it here.

I close this post with a picture of us waiting in line for the best ride ever!  Radiator Springs.

Hi, it’s us :)

Bread Bowls and Disappointment

Simba says ‘hi!’

Okay, the title of this post is a little too harsh.  I think I was just a little mad and sad that the Pacific Wharf Cafe at California Adventure got rid of one of my favorite foods at the park, corn chowder.  If I look at it a different way, who would get any other soup besides the famous clam chowder?  Weeeelllll… me.  I’m not a seafood person so I always turned to the super hearty and delicious corn chowder.  I was totally craving it too before we go to California Adventure.  I’m going to miss the orangey, corn-ness, spice of that soup (I’m overly sappy about soup…).

I got the broccoli and cheese bread bowl instead, which is delicious!  Crunchy crust, delicious sourdough bread, with soupy, creamy, cheesy goodness.  That will probably be my go to soup now.

Pictures from the day:

Oh and Luigi’s Flying Tires is a super fun ride.  I had a lot more fun than I thought I would.  What do you think about Cars Land?  Radiator Springs is my new favorite ride, but every time we go there the wait is always two hours long.  WAAAYYY too long and painful to wait through.