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Today’s Tune in Tuesday I am going to combine motivation and music into one post. These past couple of months, being a fresh graduate from college, I have been doing a lot of soul searching. Being home now, some days I feel extra lazy, either I sleep in or play video games. I’m going to be real about myself, I am dependent on my parents, as well as live way too comfortably. However, today was a day that I decided and I hope to keep on striving and aspiring to seize the moment. I just completed a long process of interviews for a program for Interac, which is an employment opportunity to teach abroad, I have to realize that everything is so real, and I have to make every moment of it. So today, I went to the gym and I was feeling really lazy and unmotivated, so I went back into the things I knew and tried to find something to help kick start my day. I know having someone like Mallory motivates me to do my best and to strive, but aside from I needed more to electrify me to do my best. So I hope you enjoy the video. The music in the background is Explosions in the Sky playing a song called “Your Hands in Mine.” My favorite line from this video is referring to the hardships of slaves he said “although we were slaves, we will act as we are free so one day our children will be free…”