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Jewelry // milk + crown

milk + crown caron necklace

Last week, Mark purchased the Caron necklace from Kristyn’s milk + crown jewelry store as a surprise gift to me.  It didn’t turn out so much as a surprise, because he ended up having trouble figuring out Etsy and how to pay, so I ended up helping him.  Silly boy!  But it was a surprise that he remembered that I showed him that necklace!  I’m in love with it.  The necklace is so cute and classy.

The Caron necklace is the signature piece of the milk + crown store, resembling a milk crown.  It’s very elegant and adds class to any outfit.

milk + crown

I would highly recommend you visit milk + crown and browse jewelry, because I’m sure you’ll find something that you love!  Each piece of jewelry is so beautiful and I love looking through the pictures.  I was excited to have another piece of handmade jewelry added to my collection because I love supporting these artists.

Caron necklace

Written by Mark: This was the very first time I bought a necklace for my girlfriend. The jewelry I bought was a simple take in elegance if that’s how I can explain it. I bought it because Mallory talked about it in passing. I can never surprise her, she always finds out or I’m just too excited so I tell her. But when I finally got her this, I was happy because I wanted to get her something she will remember me by when she goes to Japan. I love her so much.

Caron necklace

We hope you’re having a great weekend!

milk + crown

A Promise. A Pearl.

Recently, Mark and I ordered hand stamped necklaces from The Vintage Pearl.  We talked for a bit about why we wanted matching jewelry and began searching for jewelry that we could both wear, but we either found jewelry that was either too girly or too expensive.  Then Mark came across this website (somehow finding it when he searched Ryan Gosling, not that that was a surprise, fan boy) and we both liked what we saw.  The necklaces were what we wanted and we could afford them.  I’m really happy about how they turned out and they fit us well.  It didn’t take as long as the company said it would take, which is always a plus.

The reason as to why we got these necklaces will remain to us.  It’s an everyday reminder because we know what these two pieces of jewelry mean and symbolize to us.  I wear his name and he wears mine.