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Jolly Holiday Bakery

A couple weeks a go, Mark and I went to Disneyland (no surprise there. I’m so sad I couldn’t go to Dapper Day!).  Actually part of the reason why I needed (yes, needed) to go was for a field observation.  I wrote a whole paper about Disneyland, which made writing it more tolerable.

We stopped by the Jolly Holiday Bakery for the first time.  I had the Jolly Holiday combo and Mark had the oven roasted turkey sandwich.  I really liked the tomatoey and the cheesey-ness together.  I dunno!  It’s so comforting and it was really filling.  Mark didn’t like his sandwich as much.  He said it was too dry and that he was expecting it to be warm.

I also got a scone which lasted us the whole day.  It looked so pretty, so I had to get it.  This place has soooo many different baked goods and I want to try them all.  Yes, I have a pretty big sweet tooth.  I will go back (to get some cinnamon rolls.  I haven’t had one in such a long time!).

That lemonade is from Cars Land, but I decided to stick it here.

I close this post with a picture of us waiting in line for the best ride ever!  Radiator Springs.

Hi, it’s us :)