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How to Beat the Summer Heat

Sleep a lot.




Try not to move a lot.

cat in a box

Dear Simba,
Mommy is going to miss you  a lot.  Be good okay?  Don’t go crazy running around the house all the time, scratching everything, and biting our plants.  I will see you soon!  Don’t forget me and don’t sleep too much!  You’re turning into a sausage cat.

Love, Mommy

A Tale of an Angsty Teen Kitty


Once upon a time, there was a teenage kitty named Simba.  He was very rebellious and ignores his parents a lot.  One day, Simba’s parents brought some delicious looking cupcakes home.



He really wanted to eat some.  They just looked so tasty!

kitten and cupcakes

But for some reason, his parents wouldn’t let him eat any!  Simba just wanted a bite!


Simba was mad at his parents.  He didn’t want to be with them.


“Don’t look at me!” Simba said.


“Don’t talk to me!”


Then Simba’s Daddy called out to him and held out his hand.  Simba was really excited.  Maybe they’re giving me cupcakes now!  He thought.  Simba went over to his Daddy’s hand and found… NOTHING.  Not even a lick of frosting!


He was even angrier than before and went to go sit off on his own.


His mommy called out to him so they could talk, but he refused to talk to her.


He didn’t care.  He just wanted cupcakes.  CUPCAKES!

His mommy didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t give him cupcakes.  The best thing for now was to leave him and wait for cutie Simba to come back.

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone’s Friday is treating them well.  It’s been extremely hot and dry here.  If you haven’t heard, there are fires burning in Southern California.  My heart goes out to the firefighters and those affected.  Please be safe!

Recently, I was looking at pictures of Simba when he was a kitten and I can’t believe how small he was.  Somehow he went from tiny to a sausage, I feel like there was no in between!  I dropped him off at my parents’ house for a week and in that week, he gained a lot of weight.  When I put him into his carrier, he was significantly heavier!  I’m pretty sure my mom fed him too much because Simba ALWAYS begs for food.  Sometimes it’s hard to resist his cuteness.

One time I fed him and in the middle of his meal, Mark and I started to eat dinner.  Simba decided to come watch us eat and try to get food from us, when he bowl was only half eaten.  This crazy cat.

I still love this crazy cat no matter how crazy or annoying he can get.  I missed him so much when he was at my parents’ house.  I feel so empty when he’s not around.  I think my favorite thing about him, is how weird and random he can be.  He just randomly sits facing a wall and stares at it.  Once he fell asleep sitting up.  He stares outside for hours, not moving, and the list goes on and on.

What’s your favorite thing about your pet?

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