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Getty Fail: Another Trip to LA

On this Memorial Day weekend, Sunday was supposed to be our super awesome and fun day travelling.  It was still awesome and fun, but it wasn’t how we pictured it.  We’ve been wanting to go to the Getty Villa and after our first attempt to visit the museum, we were determined to go again.  We finally had a chance over this weekend since we had more time.

We made our way to Pacific Palisades, knowing exactly where we needed to go.  We didn’t want to end up in some random part of LA like last time.  This time, we made it!  We only had to pay for parking, then we were in!  NOPE.  We didn’t know that you needed to make reservations to get into the museum.  The past times that Mark and I have been there, we didn’t recall having to make reservations, so we just left for the museum.  The guy checking the reservations before getting to the booth to pay for parking was pretty mean.  Come on dude, be a little nicer.  Because of you, I don’t even want to make the effort to go back there again.

Our conversation went a little like this:
Guy: Let me see your reservation.
Me:  Uh… we don’t have one.
Guy:  Why don’t you have one?
Me:  (Thinking: We need a reservation?????  Mark, we needed one?)  We didn’t know we needed one…
Guy:  You didn’t know you needed one?  Did you talk to anyone who works here?
Me:  Yes, last time when we tried to come here.
Guy:  So you’re telling me that someone isn’t doing their job?  They didn’t tell you that you needed a reservation?
Me: ……………….

After that… ;AFJKLF JAKEJ F;AKLEJ F.  Let me keyboard smash.  Seriously though, we drove about 50 miles just to get there and you have to act like this to me?  He basically told us to exit and Mark and I were speechless.  Did we really just drive 50 miles here to get turned away, AGAIN?  I know we should have looked at the website before we left, but we tend to just go on a whim to places without looking up details.  I think we may need to change that from now on.

The closest we will ever get

 After that, we were pretty sad, AGAIN.  I need to emphasize how this happened to us before.  I guess the Getty Villa and us weren’t meant to be.  We decided to go to Little Tokyo to eat and to visit the Japanese American National Museum since we weren’t going to let this ruin our day again.

I decided that since we were in the area and since we wanted to visit a museum, that we make a stop at the JANM.  I’ve been here about three other times, but I thought it would be nice to visit with Mark.  He had never been here before and he learned a lot.  This museum is really interesting to me since I can relate to the exhibits.  The other exhibits that were there are the time were a Hapa exhibit and a gallery of artists that focused their art on defying Asian stereotypes.

The main exhibit of JANM shows the history of Japanese Americans during WWII.  The majority of the exhibit focuses on the internment camps.  As part Japanese American, I have grandparents and great aunts and uncles that were directly affected during WWII, so visiting this museum always makes me think about them and the history in my family.

We spent about an hour walking through the museum and then decided to eat dinner.  We walked about the Japanese Village Plaza before going to eat at Daikokuya again.  We ate there the last time we visited Little Tokyo and had an amazing time.  I felt like this time the ramen was even better than before.  The broth was perfect, the noodles were perfect, and the egg, loved it!  This time we weren’t sitting under the air conditioner so my noodles stayed warm longer.  This whole weekend, Mark and I have been eating amazing food and we couldn’t be happier.


To avoid being charged for parking, we went to a market and bought Japanese candies to get our parking ticket validated.  I think my favorite candies are those mushrooms and the choco strawberry candies.  Mmmm so good!  For some reason, we were still charged $10, even with the validation.  Uhh… okay… I’m pretty sure we were ripped off because the maximum you could be charged is $10.  The guy’s explanation didn’t make any sense whatsoever!  We should have challenged what he was saying, I mean, we were already turned away by the other guy!  The only thing is that I’m not a confrontational person.  Bye bye $10 :(

Despite the bumps in our day, we still had a lot of fun together and eating great food.  It was nice to come home early to be with our kitty and have game night.  Game night has basically become a regular event.  Mark’s BFF is here almost every day and he always brings the board games with him.  Next time we go to LA, we are going to set our sights on visiting other locations because driving that far to only be turned away kind of crushes your spirit.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Little Tokyo

We finally made it to LA, partly because we had to and partly because we were determined to do our LA date.  I know LA may not be the destination of choice for a lot of people (I’m not that big of a fan of LA either), but I would like to find all the gems, not necessarily what people would call hidden, of Los Angeles.  For Mark and I, I think finding these gems would mainly be in the food.

After finding parking (sigh) we walked all over the place to find a bathroom since we had to run a few errands before we got to Little Tokyo.  NOTE: there are no public bathrooms except in the restaurants and every restaurant has a sign saying ‘for customers only.’  Either that or a ‘no public restroom’ sign.  We ended up going to Four Leaf Cafe, not only for the bathroom (shhh don’t tell anyone!) but I’ve been to this cafe before and I really liked the which was one of the reasons why we stopped by.

They have super awesome crepes.

Snow White Crepe: apple cobbler, pie crumble, cinnamon caramel sauce, gelato. Mmmm, so delicious.

And for our boba obsession

Since we were in Little Tokyo, we had to of course have some ramen.  We have so many obsessions and cravings that need to be satisfied… Anyways!  Thanks to our friend Yelp, we ended up at Daikokyua: the highest rated ramen shop in Little Tokyo.

Some guy walked by and yelled, “It’s just ramen people!!!”  No it’s not.  It’s a way of life yo.

Mound of onions

Daikokuya Ramen

I don’t like pork, but to have the experience of super awesome and amazing ramen, I will have pork broth since most ramen broths are made from pork.  This ramen was soooooo delicious.  The broth was just right, the noodles were probably the best noodles I’ve ever had, there were a little too many onions and bean sprouts in  my opinion but hey!  I had some veggies.

This was a very satisfying day and I’m happy we finally made it to Little Tokyo and got to spend some time together exploring the area.

Oh, and I went shopping at this place called Shop Ashiya.  Super cute clothes, definitely my style.  They also have cats roaming around the place which was an added bonus for me.