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Happy Valentines! + Food Adventures in Japan

Happy Valentines day fellow bloggers! Soooo it is Valentines…a day of romance, love, roses, maybe even poetry. But it is also an excuse to go all out on food! CHOCOLATES, DESSERTS, FILET MIGNON! Now this is the perfect segway for me to talk about my FOODSY experience in Japan. This New Years, I was able to go to Japan to visit Mallory. Seeing her after the longest time took me back to the college days were we can be with each other, but at the same time be partners in crime when it came to being the biggest FOODSY (FOODYS: a term given to someone who likes to eat everything in site). So when we saw each other, we knew that it was time to celebrate with FOOD!

Before I came to Japan, I made a personal check list of what I was going to eat. One I wanted to eat ramen (probably the thing to have), next I have to have curry, then SUSHI, and lastly, something new, probably what Mallory liked there. So in my pictures, here are some of the most exciting things I have had, I will give a detailed explanation of how it tasted in my mouth.

Let us begin.


My very first ramen experience in Japan was amazing. The broth tasted sooo clean, light, and tasty. The noodles were delicious and warm, while the pork was a good size for me to get full but not bloated. AMAZING

Yaki Niku

Holy Garbanzo Beans. I haven’t really heard of this till Mallory one day craved it. It was definitely an experience, sitting around a charcoal bbq pit roasting very fresh bbq was amazing. Each bite of the beef was nice, soft, tender, and tasty. Could have had some rice though (I have rice with everything).

Green tea

Green Tea Ice Cream! This was a nice way to cleanse the pallet. I had this after our Yakiniku experiment, and it was indescribable. Digging into the green tea and seeing how textured it was made it an amazing experience.

Plate of Sushi


And the most surprising experience was the CHEESE NAN Mallory showed me. I only hear about it in her stories and how she keeps giving me weird looks every time she talks to me. We went, and of course I made the same weird face she did. It was that good. Imagine, having NAN with CHEESE. MIND BLOWN

Adventure is out there!


Community and Time Together

We had a productive weekend, maybe not in terms of school, but we participated in the MDA Walk and was finally able to spend some much needed quality time together.

One of my friends has muscular dystrophy and put together a group for this walk in order to raise funds and awareness.  She is the sweetest girl and has a huge support team behind her.  Together, we were Jillian’s Anteaters.  If you would like more information about Muscular Dystrophy or how to contribute to the cause, please visit mda.org.

There were a ton of booths giving away stuff and activities for families to do.  I was so excited at the Wall-E robot, it was so cute!  There were a lot of different families and groups that came together today for this cause.  All the money donated for the event goes to finding a cure for muscular dystrophy.

It was a 5k walk.  It might have been a hot day, but we knew why we were there and it pushed us to finish.

After the walk, Mark and I went on a date.  It’s been a while since we had any alone time together and this was the first time we could go on a date in a VERY long time.  We may be together a lot, but most of the time we aren’t able to be the couple we usually are.  Mark and I are really affectionate, like to be cute, and talk about personal things and inside jokes all the time.  Because of school and our extra curriculars, we can’t be coupley or talk to each other how we want to.  Sometimes after a while, we just want to be coupley (and lazy) again!  FINALLY we were able to.  We went on a Saturday food adventure and bowling night.  I don’t have pictures from bowling, but I was so close to beating Mark!  I just messed up at the end.  Sigh… gutter balls.

Mark was a little to excited and ate his dessert before I got to take pictures.  We got these desserts at an Italian ice and custard place  and I’m addicted.  It’s so good and it’s different from other desserts I’ve ever eaten.  I had lemon, cherry, and blue raspberry ice and lemon custard.  My favorite part was the lemon custard… SO DELICIOUS!  OMGAHHH.  Mark had a peanut better custard, which tasted like a Reese’s peanut butter cup.  I will definitely be going here more often.  Whoever thought of this is a genius.

Little Tokyo

We finally made it to LA, partly because we had to and partly because we were determined to do our LA date.  I know LA may not be the destination of choice for a lot of people (I’m not that big of a fan of LA either), but I would like to find all the gems, not necessarily what people would call hidden, of Los Angeles.  For Mark and I, I think finding these gems would mainly be in the food.

After finding parking (sigh) we walked all over the place to find a bathroom since we had to run a few errands before we got to Little Tokyo.  NOTE: there are no public bathrooms except in the restaurants and every restaurant has a sign saying ‘for customers only.’  Either that or a ‘no public restroom’ sign.  We ended up going to Four Leaf Cafe, not only for the bathroom (shhh don’t tell anyone!) but I’ve been to this cafe before and I really liked the which was one of the reasons why we stopped by.

They have super awesome crepes.

Snow White Crepe: apple cobbler, pie crumble, cinnamon caramel sauce, gelato. Mmmm, so delicious.

And for our boba obsession

Since we were in Little Tokyo, we had to of course have some ramen.  We have so many obsessions and cravings that need to be satisfied… Anyways!  Thanks to our friend Yelp, we ended up at Daikokyua: the highest rated ramen shop in Little Tokyo.

Some guy walked by and yelled, “It’s just ramen people!!!”  No it’s not.  It’s a way of life yo.

Mound of onions

Daikokuya Ramen

I don’t like pork, but to have the experience of super awesome and amazing ramen, I will have pork broth since most ramen broths are made from pork.  This ramen was soooooo delicious.  The broth was just right, the noodles were probably the best noodles I’ve ever had, there were a little too many onions and bean sprouts in  my opinion but hey!  I had some veggies.

This was a very satisfying day and I’m happy we finally made it to Little Tokyo and got to spend some time together exploring the area.

Oh, and I went shopping at this place called Shop Ashiya.  Super cute clothes, definitely my style.  They also have cats roaming around the place which was an added bonus for me.