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How to Beat the Summer Heat

Sleep a lot.




Try not to move a lot.

cat in a box

Dear Simba,
Mommy is going to miss you  a lot.  Be good okay?  Don’t go crazy running around the house all the time, scratching everything, and biting our plants.  I will see you soon!  Don’t forget me and don’t sleep too much!  You’re turning into a sausage cat.

Love, Mommy

A Tale of an Angsty Teen Kitty


Once upon a time, there was a teenage kitty named Simba.  He was very rebellious and ignores his parents a lot.  One day, Simba’s parents brought some delicious looking cupcakes home.



He really wanted to eat some.  They just looked so tasty!

kitten and cupcakes

But for some reason, his parents wouldn’t let him eat any!  Simba just wanted a bite!


Simba was mad at his parents.  He didn’t want to be with them.


“Don’t look at me!” Simba said.


“Don’t talk to me!”


Then Simba’s Daddy called out to him and held out his hand.  Simba was really excited.  Maybe they’re giving me cupcakes now!  He thought.  Simba went over to his Daddy’s hand and found… NOTHING.  Not even a lick of frosting!


He was even angrier than before and went to go sit off on his own.


His mommy called out to him so they could talk, but he refused to talk to her.


He didn’t care.  He just wanted cupcakes.  CUPCAKES!

His mommy didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t give him cupcakes.  The best thing for now was to leave him and wait for cutie Simba to come back.

The Last Weekend

The last weekend as college students, that is!

It is officially finals week for all those little college students, as I, a technically three month graduate sits here and enjoys not having to study my butt off.  Mark buries his head in his history articles as I sit around and play candy crush and Guild Wars.  Just kidding.  Okay, not really… But!  I am getting some productive things done like studying for the GRE, reading 1Q84, and blogging.  My laptop’s power jack broke and for some reason, Mark’s desktop doesn’t have an SD drive, so I had to figure out some way to get my pictures onto Mark’s computer so I could edit them and write a post.  I basically juiced out my laptop while I uploaded and emailed my pictures.

This weekend was reserved for Mark’s studying and a bit of indulging.  On Saturday, we decided to go to Porto’s, the best bakery ever!  I’m going to be dedicating a whole post to Porto’s amazingness, so I won’t talk much about it here.  We decided this like two weeks ago, after Mark’s roommate brought us some bread.  It was Mark’s first time tasting their bread and he was in love.  He said he needed some fuel for finals and I wholeheartedly agreed, which led us to this little bread outing.

Before I talk about our little bread outing, let me give you an update about that crazy cat.  Simba is now nine months old and I can’t believe it.  He is sooo big now and sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s still under one year old.  If I had to describe him in three words, they would be a crazy, lazy sausage.  I have no other way of describing him.  He’s such a fatty, always begging and looking for food.  He loves lounging around and sleeping right in the middle of walkways and doorways or staring at the outside world for hours, yet he has moments of absolute spastic running.  He’ll just run back and forth really fast, maybe at full speed.  I’m not exactly sure how fast Simba can actually run, but he sure runs pretty fast in such a small space.

He’s the cutest when he’s sleepy.  At those times, I know he won’t attack me and what’s cuter than his sleepy face?  Even though he scratches and bites me at times, I still love this little kitty a lot.  I miss him when we go out.  I worry about him when he looks sad or is more tired than usual.  I guess it’s a mommy’s worry.

Hold on Simbursh, you’ll have a big house to run around in a week!

Back to our weekend.  On Saturday, our bread trip day, I was craving Thai food and we found a place in my hometown that got a high rating on Yelp.  We decided to eat lunch there since it was on the way to Porto’s.  It was so tasty!  We ordered the lunch specials which were $5.50 + tax, one orange chicken and one pad thai.  The only thing was that my pad thai was super spicy.  Like to the point where after three bites, my mouth was on fire.  I asked the guy how hot ‘spicy’ meant, and he said if you like spicy, then it’ll be a medium to you.  It was definitely not a medium.  Next time I know to get no spice!

The orange chicken was one of the best orange chicken dishes I’ve ever tasted!  Just the right amount of crunch and the sauce was sweet and savory.

The only thing is that I will always associate this restaurant with Mark spraying water all over me.  He went to refill our water cups and when he came back, he took a sip and coughed at the same time right behind me.  It was like it was misting… Ew.  Paint your own picture.  With that aside, I’ll definitely come back here in the near future.  The employees were extremely nice too.  Maybe I’ll pick up some orange chicken for my grad party or something :)

Our next stop, was Porto’s to buy some delicious bread!  I will be doing a post on that within the next few days so be on the look out for that.  My tweet from that day basically sums up my relationship to bakeries, which is why Porto’s deserves it’s own post.

My favorite baked good there is the cheese rolls.  It’s heaven in bread form.  Sugary, cream cheesy, amazingness.  I’ll let you in on a little preview.

I ate one as I wrote this post.  The end.