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Kpop – Oh How I Love Thee

After seeing Crystal’s kpop list, I decided to make my own to get ready for my trip to Seoul!  I’ve been a kpop fan since my freshman year of college and let’s just say, I can get pretty hardcore when it comes to fangirling.  Just ask Mark.  He witnessed me at a kpop concert and he was… amazed.

If you’re interested in an introduction to kpop, here are few songs from my favorite artists that I love.  I tried to find songs from groups I don’t fangirl over, but I ended up with this list.  If you’re not interested in an introduction to kpop, then you may click the ‘x’ on your tab.

Taeyang – Wedding Dress
This is also my top favorite music video.  It’s just so heartbreaking.  I cried when I read the translation for this song.

2NE1 – I’m the Best
2NE1 is my favorite girl group.  I love how their style and songs are unlike any girl group out there.  I always listen to this song before I have to do something out of my comfort zone to give me confidence (my JET interview, speeches, etc.).  This is such a fierce song.

2NE1 – Ugly
Okay, 2NE1 gets another song on my list because, well I love them and I love this song.  The first time I ever heard this song, I cried.  It was basically what I was feeling at the time.  I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me… I’m all alone.  I’m always all alone.  This was before I met Mark and I was lacking confidence in myself.  However, this song has a simple, but powerful underlying message, to be yourself.

CN Blue – Intuition
I love CN Blue.  I’d list all their songs if I could.  The end.

MBLAQ  – Cry
This is definitely near the top on my list of favorite kpop songs.  I love how much emotion they put into singing this song, that I can feel how heartbreaking it is.  Not to mention, they’re dancing in the rain…

Yesung – Waiting for You
Yesung is one of my favorite Korean idols and I just love this song and his voice.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to kpop.  If you ever have any questions or want any recommendations, just ask!  I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can, but I can’t guarantee it…  I really can’t believe that I’m leaving in two days!  I’m so excited!