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A Regular but Extraordinary Story

I’m not much of a blogger but seeing how Mallory work so hard on our page makes me want to do just as much. (I’m not much of a photographer too so any of the picture you see may be blurry))So this week, Mallory went off to Florida and went to Harry Potter World as well as Disney World. I am super JELLO, but very happy because I can live my life vicariously through her. There isn’t a day where I miss her though. Seeing her send me all these pictures makes me happy that one day we will be able to go there together. I know she will be posting those awesome pictures soon, but till then, you get to see what I am doing while she is traveling the world being amazing.

Last Spring Break as a college student started off with a complete fumigation of the apartment! SIMBA HAS THE FLEAS! It was scary because all the roommates were in charge of fumigating a room. What that meant was each of us was in charge of setting a flea grenade off in our designated room. We had flashlights because all the lights in the rooms needed to be turned off. (We felt we were a tactical military squad infiltrating an enemy base…haha…oh I love video games). So on the count of 3 we activated the flea bomb and we placed it on top of a piece of paper. The flea bomb began spewing spray, and once it did we all needed to run out of the door. My flea bomb tipped over and I had to fix it. While that was happening the whole apartment was being covered by spray, and both my roommates ran out the door already. I literally thought I was gonna die by the fumes, and I heard my roommates say “Where the heck is Mark.” I quickly placed the flea bomb back on the piece of paper and left. It was awesome! We ended the day rearranging the apartment and cleaning supplies were everywhere. Here is a picture during the battle of the FLEAS and one of my roommates is dead…hehe.Image

After that I decided to go the the ARC (aka gym) to finally exercise! It’s been a long while so when I was there I decided to play basketball. It was a hard fought game…people were sweating, I was sweating, this guy next to me was sweating…just a lot of sweating. Then I realized how much I was heaving so I sat down. All I kept thinking about was how it was my last year in college and I needed to get in shape for the future so I pushed on. I had a ton of fun! Not to mention I went with one of my best friends so I can’t complain.


We ended the day eating sushi at a place called Sake 2 Me! The Lakers were playing! HOWEVER, service was TERRIBLE! We waited half an hour to get our first order of sushi. After a while the terrible service benefited us because we were all getting food coma and the slowness of the waiter helped us recuperate.


This has been 4 days till Mallory left, and I can’t tell you how much I miss this women! I hope she is having fun and having the best time of her life. These are the things I do when she is away but it’s meant to show no matter how much fun I am having I am always thinking of her :))

History at My Feet – France 2012

A part of my trip was to go to Normandy.  We went to Omaha and Utah beaches.  This is where the Americans landed during WWII.  It was weird to think that on those same exact beaches I was standing on, young soldiers, most of them my age and younger, were fighting for their lives and for their country.  Imagining the fear that these soldiers felt as they approached the shores of France, not knowing what would happen.  Now, houses line the beaches with roads connecting to towns and the pic.  The area has changed so much since that war.

The church were an American parachuter was stuck for hours watching his comrades being shot, but survived.  


Utah Beach

Omaha Beach


Paris – France 2012

Paris is one of my favorite cities that I have been to.  The architecture, the colors, the sidewalk cafes all combine to make it one of the most romantic cities in the world.

*Side Note* On the way to France, we had a connecting light in Chicago and I saw Air Force One as the plane was going toward the terminal.  Pretty cool.

When we first arrived in Paris, we had about half a day before we met up with our tour group.  We decided to eat lunch and make a trip to the Louvre since it wasn’t a stop on our tour.  The museum is HUGE and the map is kind of confusing, but we were able to navigate ourselves to the pieces the guide books recommend to see.  These would be things like the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, etc.  The Mona Lisa was definitely the most popular piece of art in the museum, with a huge crowd around the painting.  It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but it was cool to finally be able to see this painting that I’ve always seen in books and on TV.

After the Louvre, we had a difficult time finding a cab back to the hotel.  It took us about 40 minutes to get a cab and the driver was not very nice to us (probably the only rude French person we came across).

Later that night we took a tour ride down the Seine River.  It wasn’t what I thought it would be because since it was a “night on the Seine.”  I thought we would be able to see the city lights, but it was still bright as could be at 8pm and hot.

A view from the bus

A few days later we returned to Paris and we had an entire day to ourselves.  My family and I were out walking around Paris for about 14 hours.  I’ve never been out for that long walking around.  It was super tiring, but we had a day to visit everything we wanted to visit in Paris.  The downside of a tour.  We visited Notre Dame, San Chapelle and its amazing stain glass windows, the Arc de Triomphe, the Musee de Orsay, with eating and walking in between.  My favorite place would probably be the Musee de Orsay, beautiful museum with different kinds of works.

Those were a few of the places I went to in the two days I was in Paris.  I hope to be able to return and be able to spend more time strolling around the city rather than rushing through every place.